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GS Protection Services Inc. is more than just a security company - we're protection experts. Our top priority is to keep you and your assets safe and secure, while providing nothing less than the best in customer service. At the heart of our business is loyalty and integrity, and we pride ourselves on being a team of professionals dedicated to providing top-quality protection services.


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Executive Protection for Your Peace of Mind

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Derrick Gordon


Derrick Gordon, Director of GS Protection Services Inc. is responsible for the leadership, vision, and forward growth of the company. Mr. Gordon is a retired veteran with 22 years of military experience which includes verbal judo, crowd control, route planning, guard patrol, and vital communication and leadership skills.

With over 16 years in the security industry, Mr. Gordon's training includes
executive protection, residential, commercial, private and event security
consultation. Mr. Gordon also has federal government experience and training in facility protection, small arm weapons, dignitary protection, anti-terrorism, active shooter and currently holds a clearance level with Department of Defense.

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